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Signal Reception

Both The CW Columbus' analog and digital transmitters are located about 7 miles due west of Circleville (near the small town of Williamsport). This is 30 miles south of Columbus. Both signals are at the maximum output power allowed by the FCC. The digital signal is broadcast on channel 46 (but once your receiver has added it to memory it is identified as channel 53 or 53.1) and is set in the 1080i, 16x9 (widescreen format). We show all of the CW programming that is produced High Definition directly from the network, all of our standard definition programming is converted to digital format (but not necessarily in HD).

Depending on your location, you may need more that a set-top antenna (rabbit ears) to receive our signal reliably. An attic mounted antenna or even an outdoor antenna may be required. You may even need to use an antenna rotator or more than one antenna to receive our signal along with the other stations in town. Trees and buildings may also be blocking the signal or causing reflections (called multi-path or ghosting). These multi-path conditions often are seen as a strong reading on the signal strength meter of your receiver that quickly drops to nothing then back to strong. Try repositioning the antenna, just a foot can make a big difference. In general, get the biggest antenna for the space you have and get it as high a possible. Antenna amplifiers may or may not work; they amplify noise as well as the signal and can actually make reception worse. If you have been able to get our analog signal and it has a little snowy picture, to are probably on the fringe or our reception area, with the digital signal this can result in a picture that freezes or breaks up. Most receivers have a function to manually tune to a channel even if it was missed during a channel scan. To make it easier to adjust your antenna, manually tune to channel 46 (which is our FCC assigned channel) and turn on the signal strength meter.

If using an outdoor antenna, check that the feed line cable is in good shape with no cracks in the outer insulation. Check the connectors at the ends of the cable for tightness and any corrosion, the center wire should be long enough to stick out just past the end of the screw-on portion of the connector body. Wrap the connectors with a weather proof tape to seal out rain. For safety, the antenna mast or mounting clamps should be connected by a wire to a copper plated grounding rod driven into the ground. Important safety note: do not mount the antenna in a place where it can fall onto electrical wires, keep a distance from the wires that is at least twice the length of the antenna plus the mast.

While we cannot recommend what brand or model of TV or converter box you should use, we have received reports from viewers that some may not be as good as others. Your best bet is to research the model you are interested in on the internet and see what experiences others have had.

We hope that you will have good results receiving our digital signal and that you enjoy our programming.

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