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COLUMBUS, OHIO - The CW Columbus and The Columbus Crew are excited to announce a new partnership for the Crew's 2012 season.

It's called "All-Access," a complete 360 experience of the fun, the families, the players, the events, the intensity, the energy - pretty much everything that makes the Columbus Crew Massive.

Our CW Star, Kaitlin, will be attending games, mingling with fans, going to tailgates, chatting with players, visiting watering holes and video blogging about it all!

The goal is, throughout the entire season, to offer a complete perspective of what it means to be a Columbus Crew fan, illuminating not just how much fun it is to step into the MLS culture but also to show people why this is one of the most unique and exciting professional sports a city can call theirs.

Be sure to catch The CW Columbus and Kaitlin at the home games!

Check Kaitlin's Blog for all the Crew updates, videos and more.

Click here for Columbus Crew Lounge Codes to earn points in The CW Lounge!

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