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The CW Columbus - WWHO :: Buckeye Grill: Review
Buckeye Grill: Review


If you’re a Buckeye fan and have not
been to Buckeye Grill, then you might hyperventilate when you see this
Ohio State affiliated restaurant. Aside from the delicious menu
featuring anything you could possible want, and awesome drink specials
every night of the week, Buckeye Grill is also LOADED with Buckeye
paraphernalia! I’m talking helmets, golf clubs, pictures, and Heisman’s!

Satisfy your crazy Buckeye side at Buckeye Grill! Located at 900 Goodale Blvd

You have to put this one on your 200 Columbus Bucket List! Grill: Review

Tuesday, August 6 2013, 11:21 PM EDT

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