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J.Bentley Studio & Spa is our exclusive salon and spa sponsor for the CW Television Network in Columbus.

The CW Columbus - WWHO :: CW Stars - Our Looks - Alissa
Whenever someone tells me they're looking for a salon, I always recommend J.Bentley Studio & Spa. It is one of the largest, prettiest, cleanest, most high- tech salons I`ve ever visited. everyone is really welcoming and incredibly pleasant and the stylists get along great! Upon walking in, you know immediately that excellent customer service is their priority. Each worker is attentive, know- ledgeable and generally makes you feel comfortable. Whether you`re there for hair, nails, massage, or a facial, you can relax knowing you`re in good hands. I haven`t had a better experience than my salon and spa experience at J.Bentley.
J.Bentley hands down has the highest level of expertise and services available anywhere. At the same time, they value each appointment as a personal one-on-one "star experience" to give you their full attention. I`m all about being creative, so I love that I can trust the J.Bentley team to stay ahead of the trends and give me a cut I can rock. Plus you get professional advice about easy ways to take care of your hair, something a lot of guys don`t know about, including myself. I like to call it "flare-care!"
The CW Columbus - WWHO :: CW Stars - Our Looks - Cameron

J.Bentley Studio and Spa

Discover yourself at J.Bentley. Their master artists and beauty experts will have you feeling extraordinary. Come live the J.Bentley experience.

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